Sean Byrne Memorial Mile 2011

This year’s mile challenge for Transition Year students in the city schools had just over 400 “challengers” with a success rate of 96%. That is 96% of those taking part completed the mile inside the time allowed – eleven minutes for girls and nine minutes thirty seconds for boys.

 This annual event, called The Sean Byrne Memorial Mile, is organised by Kilkenny City Harriers in honour of Sean Byrne, one of the founder members of the club. While the majority of participants are not athletes the event has developed a competitive edge over recent years with the front runners from each school vying to win the shields.

Conor Mahon, St Kieran’s College, completing the mile in 5.27, was the fastest over the distance this year and he set the pace for his school team to win The Boys Shield this year.

Megan Morrissey, Presentation, Loughboy, was the fastest of the girls with an excellent 5mins 42 secs. However it was the Kilkenny College girls with a combined team score of 41 minutes 40 seconds who took home The Girls Shield.

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