Leinster Cross Country Results Sunday 30th October 2011

Kilkenny Athletes travelled in force to Mullingar on Sunday for Round 1 of the Leinster Cross Country Championships. Juvenile Athletes competed in the even age category races from u12 to u18 and the Seniors were competing at Novice and Masters level.

There were some fine performances in the face of stiff competition and a number of individual, club team and county team medals were brought home by the athletes.

Conor Clarke, Castlecomer (3rd) closely followed by David O Carroll, Gowran (4th) lead home the Under 12 county boy’s team to take silver. No medals in the girls U12 but Ruth Kennedy Gowran ran well to finish in 4th position.

Helen Haynes, St Josephs (9th) lead home St Josephs to take 2nd club and also Kilkenny to 2nd County in the Girls U14 race.

Hugh Morgan St Senans (2nd) had a great run to lead home club and county to the Bronze medals in the Boys U 16. Gowran athlete Rebecca Kennedy finished 2nd in the Girls under 16 leading the county to Gold Medal position. St Senans finished in club bronze medal position and Dearbhle Kearns (12th) was their first athlete home

Under 18 Winners

In the Girls U18 race Kilkenny athletes gave a magnificent performance and filled the top 3 postions . Bronagh Kearns, St Senans (1st), Mary Ellen Doyle, Gowran (2nd) and Aine Kinsella St Senans (3rd) and so secured County Gold for Kilkenny and club silver for St Senans.

Toss Hayes KCH and Conor Rochford St Senans

In the Mens Novice Race Toss Hayes KCH was 3rd and Conor Rochford St Senans was 4th.

Again a great performance by these athletes and the Leinster Novice Cross Country is one of the most competitive races on the calendar.

St Josephs Novice Team

The Novice women’s team lead home by Maria Griffin, St Josephs, took bronze in the county team section.

In the Masters Races again there was individual success with Niamh Richardson KCH taking silver in the woman’s O45 race and also finishing second overall. Mick Hogan Gowran AC secured individual bronze in the Masters men 60

Full Leinster Juvenile Results

Full Leinster Novice Results

Full Leinster Masters Results

Full Results for Kilkenny Athletes

Boys Under 12

3  Conor Clarke Castlecomer Kilkenny

4 David O’Carroll Gowran Kilkenny

11 Eoin Walsh Thomastown Kilkenny

15  Aaron Donnelly St. Senan’s Kilkenny

24  Adam Fitzpatrick K.C.H Kilkenny

33 Lee Treacy St. Senan’s Kilkenny

35  Johnie Collins K.C.H Kilkenny

41  Mark Nolan K.C.H Kilkenny

42 Darragh Maher K.C.H Kilkenny

43  Joseph Hanlon Thomastown Kilkenny

45  Oisin Griffin St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

48  Colm Murphy K.C.H Kilkenny

49  Killian Mogan Castlecomer Kilkenny

60  Darragh Mc Donald St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

61  Thomas Sheridan St. Senan’s Kilkenny

66 Padraigh Dempsey St. Senan’s Kilkenny

73  Robin Davis St. Senan’s Kilkenny

79 Shaun Burke K.C.H Kilkenny

88  Bill Dempsey St. Senan’s Kilkenny

93  Ben Rochford St. Senan’s Kilkenny

Teams: Kilkenny  County Silver

KCH 4th Club


Girls Under 12

4  Ruth Kennedy Gowran Kilkenny

11  Eve Lacey St. Senan’s Kilkenny

31 Rebecca Keane K.C.H Kilkenny

36  Ella Richardson K.C.H Kilkenny

46  Emma Hokey St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

47  Nell Murphy St. Senan’s Kilkenny

50  Laoise Murray K.C.H Kilkenny

67  Aoife Allen St. Senan’s Kilkenny

80  Linda Lawlor St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

82  Aine Phelan St. Senan’s Kilkenny

86  Sinead O’Keeffe Thomastown Kilkenny

98  Grace Mullally St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

101  Martyna Balcer K.C.H Kilkenny


Boys Under 14

17  Jonathon Crowley St. Senan’s Kilkenny

21  Ben Sutton St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

30 David O Connor St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

39 Richie Hennessy St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

49 Thomas Bric Gowran Kilkenny

61 Conall Whelan K.C.H Kilkenny

62 Adam Ronan Gowran Kilkenny

64 Shane Power St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

66 Ross Connolly Castlecomer Kilkenny

74 Paul Lysaght Gowran Kilkenny


Girls Under 14

9 Helen Haynes St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

14 Ruby Harvey Thomastown Kilkenny

22 Annie O’ Connor K.C.H Kilkenny

23 Aoife Carroll Gowran Kilkenny

26 Mia Griffin St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

27 Alice O’Conor St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

28 Chloe Richardson St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

31 Ailis O’Shea Thomastown Kilkenny

32 Aoibhe O’ Shea K.C.H Kilkenny

33 Ciara Lawlor K.C.H Kilkenny

37 Grace Richardson K.C.H Kilkenny

44 Anna Robinson K.C.H Kilkenny

49 Jennifer O’ Keeffe K.C.H Kilkenny

52 Aoife Naddy Gowran Kilkenny

55 Annmarie Moloney St. Senan’s Kilkenny

58 Hannah Irish St. Senan’s Kilkenny

70 Caoimhe Kearns St. Senan’s Kilkenny

84 Sarah Butler St. Senan’s Kilkenny

86 Cliona Murphy St. Senan’s Kilkenny

87 Sinead McEvoy St. Senan’s Kilkenny

89 Aoife McDonald St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

Teams: St Josephs  Club Silver

KCH 4th club

Kilkenny County Silver

Boys Under 16

2 Hugh Morgan St. Senan’s Kilkenny

8 Sean Power Thomastown Kilkenny

14 Conor O Carroll Gowran Kilkenny

19 Peter Lynch K.C.H Kilkenny

24 James Power Thomastown Kilkenny

27 Sean O Neill Gowran Kilkenny

29 Oliver Mulally St. Senan’s Kilkenny

33 Eoghan Wallis St. Senan’s Kilkenny

42 David Irish St. Senan’s Kilkenny

47 Evan Foley Gowran Kilkenny

50 Patrick Maher K.C.H Kilkenny

56 Finn Connolly Gowran Kilkenny

57 Marcus Hogan Gowran Kilkenny

Teams: St Senans Club Bronze

4th Gowran

Kilkenny County Bronze

Under 16 Girls

2 Rebecca Kennedy Gowran Kilkenny

12 Dearbhla Kearns St. Senan’s Kilkenny

14 Margeurite Hoynes St. Joseph’s Kilkenny

15 Lauren Dermody Castlecomer Kilkenny

18 Aoibhe Richardson K.C.H Kilkenny

20 Sinead Whelan Thomastown Kilkenny

21 Rachael Butler St. Senan’s Kilkenny

32 Michelle McDonald St. Senan’s Kilkenny

33 Nicola Murphy K.C.H Kilkenny

36 Niamh O’Shea Thomastown Kilkenny

38 Tara Lacey St. Senan’s Kilkenny

43 Bella Lysaght Gowran Kilkenny

Teams: St Senans Club Bronze

Kilkenny County Gold

Under 18 Boys

27  Andrew Dowd Castlecomer Kilkenny

34  Seppi Lysaght Gowran Kilkenny

40  Leon Gordan Gowran Kilkenny

Under 18 Girls

1  Bronagh Kearns St. Senan’s Kilkenny

2  Mary Ellen Doyle Gowran Kilkenny

3  Aine Kinsella St. Senan’s Kilkenny

17 Meave O’Connor Thomastown Kilkenny

20 Joanna Morrissey Gowran Kilkenny

21 Laura Walpole Thomastown Kilkenny

29 Orla Butler St. Senan’s Kilkenny

30 Aoife Butler St. Senan’s Kilkenny

Teams: St Senans Club Silver

Kilkenny County Gold

Novice Men3  Toss Hayes K.C.H4  Conor Rochford St. Senan’s Novice Women6 Maria Griffin St Josephs29  Mary Doolin St. Joseph’s
40  Franis Mullally St. Joseph’s

42 Ann Doyle Gowran

44  Sile Carroll Castlecomer

56  Ciara Farrell Gowran 20:34

59  Leona Connolly Gowran

Teams: Kilkenny County Bronze


Masters Men30 Simon O Dwyer Gowran AC

46 O45 Michael Power St. Joseph’s

52  Rocky Mernagh St. Joseph’s

61 Sean Hokey St. Joseph’s

71  Marty Kelly Gowran

74  Dennis Cormack Gowran

77  Tom Mc Donald St. Joseph’s

81  Michael Hogan Gowran  (over 60 Bronze Medal)


Masters Women

2 Niamh Richardson KCH (O45 Silver)

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