County Track and Field “B” Championships: Programme of Events

Event: ‘B’ Track & Field Championships

Venue: Grennan, Thomastown

Date: Wed 19th June 2013

Time: 6.30 pm 


80m     Girls/Boys                   U-8;

80m     Girls/Boys                    U-9 and Ball throw;

80m     Girls/Boys                    U-10 and Ball throw and Long Jump;

80m     Girls/Boys                    U-11 and Ball throw;

80m     Girls/Boys                    U-12 and Long Jump;

80m     Girls/Boys                    U-13 and Shot Putt;

80m     Girls/Boys                    U-14 and Long Jump;

100m   Girls/Boys                    U-15 and Shot Putt;

300m   Girls/Boys                    U-8;

300m   Girls/Boys                    U-9;

300m   Girls / Boys                  U-10;

300m   Girls / Boys                  U-11;

800m   Girls / Boys                  U-12;

800m   Girls / Boys                  U-13;

800m   Girls / Boys                  U-14;

800m   Girls / Boys                  U-15;

800m Senior Women and Senior Men;


4 X 200m   Girls/Boys   U-10, 12, 14;

Mixed (2)   Girls (2) Boys U-13, 15;

Adm. Adult €3.00 Child €1.50

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