Leinster Juvenile Track and Field (14-19) June 28th/29th

Some Highlights

Championship Best performances for Donagh Mahon (Gowran) in U-18 High Jump (2.12m) and Therese  Kelly (Brow Rangers) in the U-14 Discus.

Three Golds for Ciara Deeley (KCH):  U-15 80m Hurdles, 250m Hurdles and High Jump.

Sprint Double for David Murphy (Gowran): U-15 100m and 200m and a silver in the Shot.

Sprint double for Sarah Kate Lacey (KCH):  U-19 100m and 200m.

Girls’ U-14 Hammer:  2 Therese Kelly (BR), 3 Darcy Hutchinson (BR); Boys’ U-14 Hammer: 1  Zac Denieffe (G); Girls’ U-15 Hammer: 1 Emma Kelly (BR); Boys’ U-16 Hammer:  3 Patrick Darcy (BR),  4 Matthew Cullen (BR); Boys’ U-17 Hammer:  1 Ciaran Coady (BR); 2 Adam Kelly (BR); Boys’ U-18 Hammer: 1 John Joe Kelly (BR); Girls’ U-19 Hammer:  2 Aoife Coady (BR);

Girls’ U-14 Shot:  3 Therese Kelly (BR); Boys’ U-16 Shot: 2 Patrick Darcy (BR); Boys’ U-17 Shot:  4 Ciaran Coady (BR),  5 Adam Kelly (BR); Boys’ U-18 Shot: 3 John Joe Kelly (BR);  4 Martin Mulhall (G); Girls U-19 Shot, 2 Grainne Kenny (BR), 3 Aoife Coady (BR);

Girls’ U-14 Discus: 1 Therese Kelly,  (BR) cbp, 2 Rachel Kelly (KCH); Girls’ U-15 Discus: 2 Grainne Kelly (BR),  3 Emma Kelly (BR);  Boys’ U-16 Discus:  4 Liam Kenny (BR),  4 Matthew Cullen (BR); Boys’ u-17 Discus: 3 Ciaran Coady (BR); Boys u -17 Discus:  4 Adam Kelly (BR); Boys’ U-18 Discus:  3  John Joe Kelly (BR); Girls’ U-19 Discus: 3 Aoife Coady (BR); Boys’ U-19 Discus: 2 Evan Foley (G);

Girls’ U-14 Javelin: 2 Hannah Kelly (KCH); Boys’ U-14 Javelin: 3 Zac Denieffe (G), 6 Nicky Connolly (CC); Boys’ U-15 Javelin: 5 Jeremiah Burke (CC);

Boys’ U-14 High Jump: 3 Rory McGabhann (KCH) (PB 1.52m); 4 Daragh McDonald (SJ); Boys’ U-15 High Jump: 2 David mahon (G); Girls’ U-15 High Jump: 1 Ciara Deeley (KCH); 6 Aoife Moore (G); Girls’ U-16 High Jump: 2 Sinead Tuohy (KCH); Girls’ U-17 High Jump: 2 Aoife Naddy (G); Girls’ U-18 High Jump: 1 Eimear O Donohue (KCH); Boys’ U-18: 1 Donagh Mahon (G), 2.12m CBP;

Boys’ U-14 Long Jump: 4 Rory McGabhann (KCH);  Girls’ U-15 Long Jump: 3 Martyna Balycer (KCH); Girls’ U-16 Long Jump: 4 Sarah Lawlor(SJ); Girls’ U-19 Long Jump: 3 Margaret Caldbeck (KCH); Girls’ U-16 Triple Jump: 6 Keeva O Brien (KCH);

Boys’U-14 75m Hurdles: 3 Rory McGabhann (KCH); Girls’ U-15 80m Hurdles: 1 Ciara Deeley (KCH); Girls U-19 100m Hurdles: 1 Shannen Dawkins (SJ); Girls’ U-15 250m Hurdles: 1 Ciara Deeley (KCH); Boys’ U-16 250m Hurdles: 3 Ben Sutton (SJ):

Boys’ U-14 80m: 2 Jack Elliot (SJ); 4 Daragh McDonald (SJ); Girls’ U-15 100m: 3 Leah Raggett (KCH); 5 Aoife Moore (G); Boys’ U-15 100m: 1 David Murphy (G); Girls’ U-16 100m: 3 Lauren Gleeson (KCH); Boys’ U-17 100m: 2 Jack Manning (KCH); Boys’ U-18 100m: 2 Callan Byrne (KCH); Girls’ U-19 100m: 1 Sarah Kate Lacey (KCH), 3 Margaret Caldbeck (KCH);

Boys’ U-14 200m: 3 Jack Elliot (SJ); Girls’ U-15 200m: 3 Lorna Monaghan (SS): Boys’ U-15 200m: 1 David Murphy (G); Boys’ U-17 200m: 2 Jack Manning (KCH); Boys U-18 200m; 2 Callan Byrne (KCH); Girls’ U-19 200m: 1 Sarah Kate Lacey (KCH), 3 Margaret Caldbeck (KCH);

Boys’ U-17 400m: 4 Paul Manning (SJ); Boys’ U-18 400m: 2 Aaron Barron (KCH);

Boys’ U-14 800m: 4 Oisin Griffin (SJ); 6 James Kearney (KCH); Boys’ U-15 800m: 2 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH); Boys’ U-16 800m: 6 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH), 8 Bill Cody (KCH); Girls’ U-17 800m: 4 Aoibhe O Shea (KCH); Girls’ U-19 800m: 3 Anna Sheehan (KCH);

Boys’ U-14 15000m: 4 Oisin  Griffin (SJ); Girls’ U15 1500m: 4 Annie O Connor (KCH); Boys’ U-16 1500m: 4 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH);

Boys’ U-17 1500m Steeple Chase: 2 Tommy Bric (Gowran); Girls’ U-18 Steeple Chase: 1 Lauren Dermody (CC);  Boys’ U-18  2000m Steeple Chase:  3 Peter Lynch (KCH), 4 Craig Byrne (KCH);

Boys’ U-18 3000m: 1 Peter Lynch (KCH); Girls’ U-19 3000m: 2 Rachel Butler (SS); Boys’ U-19 3000m 1 Oliver Mullally (SS);

Girls’ U-14 2000m Walk: 4 Sinead O Keeffe (TT); Boys’ U-14 Walk: 1 Nicky Connolly (CC) 2 Tadgh Knox (SS), 3 William Wallis (SS); Girls’ U-16 Walk: 1 Isabel Morgan (SS): Girls’ U-17 3000m Walk: 2 Ailis O Shea (TT);

Boys’ U-18 4x100m Relay: 1 KCH (Callan Byrne, Craig Byrne, Aaron Barron, Jack Manning);  Boys’ U-19 Relay: 2 Kilkenny;













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