Leinster Novice and Masters Road Championships Gowran


Novice Women: Silver for Caolite Malone (KCH),  Club  Gold for KCH and Club silver for Gowran, County Gold for KCH;

Novice Men: Bronze for Tom O Keefe (KCH), club bronze for Gowran and county bronze for Kilkenny;

Masters Women: Silver for Donna Dunne (KCH F35), Maria Griffin (SJ F45) and Cathy Millett (KCH F50);



Leinster  Road Championships Gowran May 2nd 

Novice Women: 2 Caolite Malone (KCH), 4 Máire Griffith (G), 5 Elaine O Donovan (SJ), 6 Sarah Nolan (KCH), 7 Aine Kinsella (SS), 8 Maura Bambrick (G), 9 Anne Marie O Grady (KCH), 11 Rachel O Hara (G), 12 Michelle Ryan (G), 13 Amy Dunne (KCH), 14 Tracey Malone (SJ);

Club Teams: 1 KCH (30), 2 Gowran (35); County Teams: 1 Kilkenny (Caolite Malone,, Maire Griffirth,  Elaine O Donovan,  Sarah Nolan);


Novice Men: 3 Tom O Keefe (KCH), 12 Lyndon Barcoe (G), 15 Simon O Dwyer (G), 22 Derek Kehoe (G), 27 David Dempsey (G), 31 Pat Coady (G), 32 Tom Corrigan (G), 33 Gary Frehill (G), 35 Marty Mosely (G), 36 John Leamy (G);

Club Teams: 3 Gowran (Lyndon Barcoe, Simon O Dwyer, Derek Kehoe, David Dempsey); County Teams: 3 Kilkenny (Tom O Keefe, Lyndon Barcoe, Simon O Dwyer, Derek Kehoe, David Dempsey, Pat Coady);


Masters Women: F35: 2 Donna Dunne (KCH), F40: 10 Mary Doolan (SJ), 11 Maria McCormack (KCH); F45: 2 Maria Griffin (SJ), 4 Frances Mullally (SJ); F50: 2 Cathy Millett (KCH);
Club Teams: F35: 7 KCH; 8 St Josephs; County: F35: 3 Kilkenny (Donna Dunne, Maria Griffin, Mary Doolan) 

Masters Men: M40: 8 Johann Dewberry (KCH); M50: 7 Muiris Bric (G); M55: 5 Pat Lennon (G); M60: 4 Mick Walsh (G), 5 James Delahunty (G);

Club Teams: M50: 3  Gowran (Mick Walsh, Pat Lennon, James Delahunty); County M50: 3 Kilkenny (same as Gowran club team);

Full Results (from myrunresults.com)

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