Kilkenny Athletes at the Leinster Track and Field Championships May 21st, 22nd

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Medal Winners:

Juvenile Relays

  • Gold: Gowran Boys (U-10) and KCH Boys (U-11);
  • Silver: KCH Girls  (U-12), KCH Boys (U-9) and Thomastown Girls (U-13);
  • Bronze: Thomastown Girls (U-14 and U-15), KCH Boys (U-10 and u-13) and St Josephs Boys (U-9);

Combined Events

  • Gold: Charlie Mullins (U-13), Gowran, Jordan Knight (U-14) Thomastown;
  • Silver: Eddie Gittens (U-16) Gowran, Austin Lee (M35);
  • Bronze: Peter Dunne (U-14), Gowran, Erin Foley (U-13) St Josephs;

Junior Women

  • Silver: Sarah Lawlor(Triple Jump) Clara Kennedy (100m Hurdles) both St Josephs;

Junior Men

  • Gold: John Joe Kelly (Shot Putt), Brow Rangers;
  • Silver: Callan Byrne (100m and 200m) KCH, James O Neill (Discus) Gowran;
  • Bronze: John Joe Kelly (Discus and Hammer) Brow Rangers, James O Neill (Shot Putt) Gowran;



Juvenile Relays: 

Girls’ U-9 4x100m: 5 KCH, 7 St Josephs; Boys’ U-9 4x100m: 2 KCH, 3 St Josephs;
Girls’ U-10  4x100m: 5 KCH (A), 10 KCH (B), 11 St Josephs; Boys’ U-10 4x100m: 1 Gowran AC, 3 KCH, 9 St Senans;
Girls’ U-11 4x100m: 12 St Josephs, 14 KCH; Boys’ U-11 4x100m: 1 KCH;
Girls’ U-12 4x100m: 2 KCH; 10 St Josephs (A), 14 Gowran AC, 18 St Josephs (B); Boys’ U-12 4x100m: 4 KCH (A), 11 Gowran AC, 12 KCH (B);
Girls’ U-13 4x100m: 2 Thomastown AC, 8 KCH; Boys’ U-13 4x100m: 3 KCH, 10 St Josephs; Girls’ U-14 4x100m: 3 Thomastown AC, 7 St Josephs; Girls’ U-15 4x100m: 3 Thomastown AC, 5 St Josephs; 8 KCH; Girls’ U-16 4x100m: 4 Thomastown AC, 5 St Josephs;

Combined Events

Girls’ U-13: 3 Erin Foley (SJ), Boys’ U-13: 1 Charlie Mullins (G), 4 Evan O Toole (SJ); Boys’ U-14: 1 Jordan Knight (TT), 3 Peter Dunne (G), Boys U-16: 2 Eddie Gittens (G); Masters (M35) Pentathlon: 2 Austin Lee (SJ);

Junior Track and Field

Shot Putt: 1 John Joe Kelly (BR), 3 James O Neill (G), 4 Patrick Darcy (BR), 6 Matthew Cullen (BR), 7 Ciaran Coady (BR); Discus: 2 James O Neill (G), 3 John Joe Kelly (BR),  4 Patrick Darcy (BR), 5 Ciaran Coady (BR), 6 Matthew Cullen (BR);  Hammer: 3 John Joe Kelly (BR)

Triple Jump: 2 Sarah Lawlor (SJ),

100m: 2 Callan Byrne (KCH), 5 Jack Manning (KCH); 200m: 2 Callan Byrne (KCH), 4 Jack Manning (KCH);

100m: 5 Emer McMullan (KCH); 100m Hurdles: 2 Clara Kennedy (SJ);  200m: 4 Emer McMullan (KCH), 7 Clara Kennedy (SJ);

Pictures courtesy of Gowran AC (looking for forgiveness rather than permission)

Leinster Results Page

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