County Track and Field Championships Day : Sunday May 1st 2011

Round 1 of the County Championships will take place in Scanlon Park Loughboy on Sunday May 1st with a start time of 11.00am. The Senior programme will start at 2.00pm

Day 1: Programme

250H “Girls U/15 & U/16 (2’3″”)”

250H “Boys U/15 & U/16 (2’6″”)”

300H “Girls/Boys U/18 (2’6″”)”

80m Girls/Boys U/8U/9U/10&U/11

200m Girls U 12 – U 17

200m Junior Women

200m Junior Men

80m Boys U/12 – U/14

100m Boys U/15 – U/17

200m Girls Final

300m Girls & Boys U/9 & U/10

500m Girls & boys U/11

500m “Boys U /12,13,14”

800m Girls U/12 – U/17

800m Junior Women

800m Junior Men

Walks Girls U/16 – U/17

Walks Boys U/ 15 – U/17

400m Boys U /15 – U/17

Ball ThrowGirls U10/ -U/13

Long Jump Girls U/10 – U/17

Discus Boys U/14 – U17

JavelinGirls U 13/ – U/17

High Jump Boys U 12/ – U/17, Sen Men & Women

Relays: 4 x 100m “Girls & Boys U/11,U/13, U/15, & U/17”

Senior programme commences at 2pm

 100m Novice Women  Long Jump

100m Novice men Junior Men & Women

200m Vets O/45/50/55/60/65

100m Sen.. Women

100m Sen.. Men Shott

400m Sen. Men & Women Sen. Women & Men

1500m Sen.. Men Vets O 45

1500m Men O/35

1500m Senior ladies Discus

1500m Vets Ladies O 30 Sen Women & Men

Relays: 4 x 400m Senior Women & Men

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