National Indoors: Kilkenny Results


    • Track gold for Ciara Deeley (60m Hurdles) and Sarah Kate Lacey (60m) of KCH.
    • High Jump Gold for Ciara Deeley (KCH) and Donagh Mahon (Gowran).
    • Donagh Mahon breaks the championship record by 6cm with a clearance of 2m 10cm.
    • Silver medals for Jack Elliot (SJ) and David Murphy (G) in the 60m, Isabel Morgan (SS) in the walks, Kieran O Neill (G) and John Joe Kelly (BR) in the Shot Putt
    • Bronze medals for David Murphy (G) and Jack Manning (KCH) in the Shot, Nicky Connolly (CC)in the walks, Anna Sheehan (KCH) in the 800m, Margaret Caldbeck (KCH) in the 60m, Sophie Becker (SJ) and Sarah Kate Lacey (KCH) in the 200m.

Track Results

Boys U-12 60m: 5 Jordan Knight (TT), Boys U-14 60m: 2 Jack Elliot (SJ), Boys U-15 60m: 2 David Murphy (G), Girls U-18 60m: 4 Sophie Becker (SJ), Boys U-18 60m: 7 Callan Byrne (KCH); Girls U-19 60m: 1 Sarah Kate Lacey (KCH), 3 Margaret Caldbeck (KCH);
Girls’ U-15 60m Hurdles: 1 Ciara Deeley (KCH); Boys U-16 60m Hurdles: 6 Daragh Roberts (KCH);
Girls U-18 200m: 3 Sophie Becker (SJ); Girls U-19 200m: 3 Sarah Kate Lacey (KCH)
Boys U-12 600m: 14 Cathal Beirne (SJ), Boys U-13 600m: 4 Killian Griffin (SJ)
Boys U-14 800m: 6 Oisin Griffin (SJ); Boys U-15 800m: 6 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH); Boys U-16 800m: 6 Luke Fitzpatrick (KCH); Girls U-17 800m: 5 Aoibhe O Shea (KCH); Girls U-19 800m: 3 Anna Sheehan (KCH);
Girls U-14 Walk: 5 Sinead O Keefe (TT), Boys U-14 Walk: 3 Nicky Connolly (CC), Girls U-16 Walk: 2 Isabel Morgan (SS);

Field Results:
Boys’ U-12 Long Jump: 4 Jordan Knight (TT);
Boys’ U-12 Shot Putt: 9 Oisin Kelly (BR), Boys’ U-13 Shot Putt: 2 Kieran O Neill (G); Boys’ U-15 Shot Putt: 3 David Murphy (G); Boys’ U-16 Shot Putt: 4 Patrick Darcy (BR); Boys’ U-17 Shot Putt: 3 Jack Manning (KCH); Boys” U-18 Shot Putt: 2 John Joe kelly (BR); Girls’ U-19 Shot Putt: 5 Grainne Kenny (BR);
Girls’ U-15 High Jump: 1 Ciara Deeley (KCH); Boys U-18 High Jump: 1 Donagh Mahon (G); (2m 10 cms)

Day 1 Results in Full                                   Day 2 Results in Full

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