Leinster Indoor Championships: Kilkenny Athletes

Medal Winners


Girls’ Under 12: 60m Hurdles: 2 Sarah Kehoe (G); Shot Putt: 3 Anna Brennan (G);

Boys’ Under 12: 60m Hurdles: 3 Alex Cullen (KCH);

Girls’ Under 13: 60m: 3 Sofia Kerr (CC)

Boys’ Under 13: 60m: 3 Harry Boyle (KCH);

Girls’ Under 14:  60m Hurdles: 3 Rachel Leahy (KCH),  800m: 3 Eleanor Godden (KCH),  High Jump: 2 Saoirse Allen (SS),  3 Eleanor Godden (KCH);  

Boys’ Under 14: 60M Hurdles: 2 Jordan Knight (TT)Walk: 1 Tomás Mullally (SJ),  Long Jump: 1 Evan O Toole (SJ), 3 Jordan Knight (TT);  Shot Putt: 1 Mark Wallis (SS), High Jump: 1 Mateusz Balcer (KCH), 2 Evan O Toole (SJ);  

Girls’ Under 15: Walk: 3 Robyn Denieffe (G);

Boys’ Under 15:  High Jump: 3 Brogan McAviney (G), Shot Putt: Niall Vogelaar (SS),

Girls’ Under 16: 60m Hurdles:3 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), High Jump: 3 Jennifer Leahy (KCH);

Boys’ Under 16: High Jump: 1 Peter Dunne (G);

Boys’ Under 17: 200m: 2 Rory MacGabhann (KCH), 1.5k Walk: 1 Nicky Connolly (CC);

Girls’ Under 18: 200m: 2 Ciara Deeley (KCH), 3 Leah Raggett (KCH); 400m: 1 Ciara Deeley with CBP 56.5 sec (KCH), Long Jump: 2 Martyna Balcer (KCH),

Boys’ Under 18: 60m: 1 David Murphy (G), 200m: 1 David Murphy with a CBP of 22.28 secs (G)

Girls’ Under 19: 60m: 3 Sarah Lawlor (SJ), 800m: 1 Annie O Connor (KCH), Long Jump: 1 Sarah Lawlor (SJ);


For some pics from Saturday, click on the image below
Leinster Indoors Feb 11th 2017//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


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