County Cross Country Ballycurran 2017

Despite the dismal weather predictions all week, we had a glorious autumnal morning for the first of the Kilkenny County Cross Country Championships. With the mountains and rolling hills forming a backdrop to a very cross country-ish set of fields, hundreds of athletes gathered to celebrate a great day of running. As usual all clubs are set to contest the shield for the best juvenile club in the county. At the end of Day 1 it is St Senans AC taking a 1 point lead over Gowran. Athletes get training now there, you can make a difference to your club.

We had some great crowds many of the races and some fantastic running by our young athletes. The results will tell you who they were – so many good runs it would be hard to mention all of them. It was a little disappointing however to see some athletes chose to participate in training sessions for other sports over an Athletics County Championship event. Teams of three lined out in many of the older age groups  – missing that one club mate they usually train with. Coaches need to be given the respect that they deserve – their time is on a voluntary basis and that time is devoted to improving your fitness. We look forward to seeing everyone who trains with an athletic club at the next stage of the countries on the 15th October in Castlecomer. Next week we have the county juvenile training in Kilmacow at 11am followed by the County Senior Cross Country Championships at noon. Get your teams together – this is going to be a cracker!

The over 40s race produced a magnificant contest between St Senans flying grocer (as one eminent gentleman penned him) Sean Caulfield of St Senans and Robbie McGee of Gowran. Robbie managed to get past the post first. In the ladies Adele Walsh was never in danger of being beaten as he clinched the gold in the ladies event.

Thanks to all the officials who worked hard at this event – to make it an enjoyable day and of course to St Josephs AC for providing the course. Photos will be available on Kilkenny County Athletics facebook page.


Girls u/8 1 Ellen Daly (KCH) 2 Niamh Brennan (Gowran) 3 Anna Kelsey (Gowran) 4 Karrie Byrne (Barrow Harriers) 5 Ingrid Tierney (Barrow Harriers) 6 Lauren Phelan (Gowran) 7 Sonia Mullally St Jospehs 8 Dervla Ryan (St Josephs) 9 Muireann Green (Gowran) 10 Isabelle Griffin (St Josephs) 11 Chloe Thompson (KCH) 12 Molly Ryan (St Josephs) 13 Anna O’Shea (SS) 14 Orla Carroll (Gowran) 15 Maud Conney (Gowran) 16 Olivia Mullally (St Joephs) 17 Ashling Phelan (Castlecomer) 18 Emma Nichol (Barrow Harriers) 19 Megan O’Neill (Gowran) 20 Lisa Ryan (Thomastown) 21 Maria Brennan (Barrow Harriers) 22 Aoife Brennan (Gowran)

Boys u/8 1 Robert Coogan (G) 2 Sam Corr(G) 3 Ryan Farrell (KCH) 4 Darragh Carroll (G) 5 Damien Bolger (BH) 6 Eoin Ryan (G) 7 Kai Chan (SJ) 8 Tom Henderson (KCH) 9 David Hayden (BH) 10 Sam McDonald (SJ) 11 Jack White (KCH) 12 Robby Lodge (KCH) 13 Dylan Murphy (SJ) 14 Aidan Malone (SJ) 15 Fintan Molloy (SS) 16 Peter Quinn (KCH) 17 David Carroll (G) 18 Oran Deneiffe (G)

Girls u/10 1 Molly Daly (KCH) 2 Orla Brennan (G) 3 Eimear Brennan (G) 4 Lilly Ryan (SJ) 5 Kate Maher (CC) 6 Ashling Coverdale (TT) 7 Megan Kinsella (BH) 8 Keelin Byrne (SJ) 9 Sara Foely (SJ) 10 Megan Doyle (SJ) 11 Katy Phelan (G) 12 Aoife Dillon (CC) 13 Gail Dalton (KCH) 14 Ashling Mullally (SJ) 15 Kate Hayden (G) 16 Grace Gilmartin (SS) 17 Mary Kate Ryan (T) 18 Clodagh Cooke (SS) 19 Sarah Richardson (KCH) 20 Evelyn Williams (SS) 21 Jane Bolger (BH) 22 Julianne Dunphy (SS) 23 Kelin Garvey (SJ) 24 Una Cooper (SS) 25 Lucy Connery (G) 26 Ava Quinn (KCH) 27 Ellean Millea (KCH) 28 Meave O’Keeffe (SS) 29 Isabelle Murphy (SJ) 30 Rachael Browne (BH) 31 Aoife Purcell (SJ) 32 Muireann Holden (KCH) 33 Kate Holden Shaw (TT) 34 Nina Carney (G) 35 Evelyn McEvoy (KCH) 36 Anna Moylan (BH) 37 Emer McDonald (SJ) 38 Mia Barry (SJ) 39 Eve Nichol (BH) 40 Mairead McDonald (SJ) 41 Tiernaidh O’Neill (TT) 42 Meave Garvey (SJ)

Teams 1 St Josephs 2 Gowran 3 KCH

Boys u/10 1 Joseph O’Connor (SJ) 2 Robert Lacey (KCH) 3 David McGee (G) 4 Aidan Keating (G) 5 Jamie Cahaleen (CC) 6 Eoin Moore (KCH) 7 Brian Cummins (SJ) 8 Luke Browne (KCH) 9 Tom Kehoe (G) 10 Conor Carroll (G) 11 Paul Millea (KCH) 12 James O’Rielly (TT) 13 Jonathon Dunne (G) 14 David Phelan (SS) 15 Tomas Carroll (G) 16 Oran Prendergast (G) 17 Kyle Bolger (SJ) 18 Charlie Ryan (G) 19 Sam McAvinney (G) 20 Cormac Holden (KCH) 21 Oisin Smithwich O’Brien (TT) 22 Sam O’Shea (KCH) 23 James Brennan (KCH) 24 Nicky Healy (KCH) 25 Rory Foot (SS) 26 Jack Barron (SJ) 27 Louis Evan (TT) 28 Hugh Healy (KCH) 29 Aaron Bolton (KCH) 30 Leo Hogan (CC) 31 Padraig Hayden (BH) 32 Noah Deneiffe (G) 33 James Kalsey (G) 34 Conor Malone (G) 35 Eoin Condron (BH) 36 Danny O’Brien Walsh (SS) 37 Tadgh Allen (SS)

Teams 1 Gowran 2 KCH 3 St Josephs

Girls u/12 1 Orlaith Kirwan (TT) 2 Sara Kehoe (G) 2 Grace Glennon (SJ) 4 Eve Dunphy (SS) 5 Caoimhe Phelan (SS) 6 Charlotte Carpendale (SS) 7 Meave Bookle (SJ) 8 Molly Long (SS) 9 Hazel Coogan (G) 10 Aine O’Callaghan (SS) 11 Ava Mullally (SJ) 12 Rachael O’Neill (G) 13 Grace Ramsawmy (SS) 14 Caoimhe Power (TT) 15 Juliette Evans (SS) 16 Mairead Mullally (SJ) 17 Molly Hogan (SJ) 18 Angela Carroll (KCH) 19 Aine White (KCH) 20 Brianna Byrne (SJ) 21 Blaithin Holden (KCH) 22 Eabha McCabe (KCH) 23 Hannah Quinn (KCH) 24 Aoife Lanigan (KCH) 25 Eimear Phelan (CC) 26 Ashling Browne (KCH) 27 Sinead Carroll (KCH) 28 Sara Walsh (KCH) 29 Keelin Duggan (SS) 30 Molly Nowlan (G) 31 Lilly Doyle (SJ) 32 Ellie Carey (G) 33 Emily Shortall (TT) 34 Caoimhe Green (G) 35 Moya O’Keeffe (SS) 36 Caoimhe Barry (SJ) 37 Aoife Healy (KCH) 38 Emily Molloy (G) 39 Aine Walsh (CC) 40 Saoraid Greene (G)

Teams 1 St Senans 2 St Josephs 3 Gowran

Boys u/12 1 Darragh Coverdale (TT) 2 Rory McEvoy (KCH) 3 Aoin Aylward (SS) 4 Issac Carew (SS) 5 Stephen Kinsella (BH) 6 Shane Morrissey (SS) 7 Aaron Doyle (G) 8 Michael O’Shea (SS) 9 Matthew McAvinney (G) 10 Darrargh Dunne (G) 11 Harry Morrissey (SS) 12 Liam O’Dwyer (G) 13 Conor Millea (KCH) 14 William Nugent (KCH) 15 Conor Lanigan (SJ) 16 Rory Phelan (G) 17 Robert Coogan (CC) 18 Eoin Power (G) 19 Lueri Prendergast (G)

Teams 1 St Senans 2 Gowran

Girls u/14 1 Hannah Kehoe (G) 2 Fiona Dillon (TT) 3 Elenore Giddon (KCH) 4 Maria O’Keeffe (TT) 5 Danielle Griffin (SJ) 6 Saoirse Allen (SS) 7 Sophie Williams (SS) 8 Libby Murphy (SS) 9 Ciara Mullally (SJ) 10 Rose Sheridan (SS) 11 Maria Connolly () 12 Racheal Foely (SJ) 13 Emma Corr (G) 14  Niamh Cuddihy (SS) 15 Caelinn McCabe (KCH) 16 Ashling Cleary (SS) 17 Sophie Monahan (SS) 18 Kate Aylward (SS) 19 Abby Walsh (G) 20 Iseult Green (G)

Teams 1 St Senans A 2 Gowran 3 St Senans B

Boys u/14 1 Donagh Murphy (G) 2 Billy Coogan (G) 3 David Williams (SS) 4 Tom Lodge (KCH) 5 Tadgh Connolly (SS) 6 Ethan Butler (SS) 7 Harry Boyle (KCH) 8 Billy Power (TT) 9 Naoise Gilmartin (SS) 10 Cillian Dunne (G) 11 Luke Phelan (G) 12 Conor Byrne (KCH) 13 Alex Cass (TT) 14 Gearoid Long (SS) 15 Timmy Brennan (G) 16 Jamie O’Connor (SJ)17 Oisin O’Rielly (TT) 18 Conor Power (SS) 19 Eoin Dempsey (SS) 20 Darragh Nowlan (G) 21 Niall Shortall (TT) 22 CJ Fitzpatrick (SS)

Teams 1 St Senans 2 Gowran 3 Thomastown

Girls u/16 1 Tara Ramasawmy (SS) 2 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT) 3 Hannah O’Keeffe(TT) 4 Sophie Jackman (SS) 5 Ellen Ryan (TT) 6 Orla O’Keeffe (TT) 7 Clodagh Monahan (SS) 8 Katie Bookle (SJ) 9 Eve O’Dwyer (G) 10 Robyn Deneiffe (G)

Teams 1 Thomastown

Boys u/16 1 Will Fox (CC) 2 Rory O’Connor (KCH) 3 Cathal Kearney (KCH) 4 Gavin Manning (G) 5 Brogan McAvinney (G) 6 Cathal O’Rielly (G) 7 John Muldowney (KCH) 8 Michael Corr (G)

Girls u/18 1 Annie McEvoy (KCH) 2 Ella Richardson (KCH) 3 Ruth Kennedy (G) 4 Izzy Shine (KCH) 5 Ciara Murphy (KCH) 6 Aoife Allen (SS) 7 Sinead O’Keeffe (TT) 8 Aine Phelan (SS) 9 Ellen Rockett (SS)

Team 1 KCH

Boys u/18 1 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH) 2 Shay McEvoy (KCH) 3 Kevin Burns (KCH) 4 James Kearney (KCH) 5 Colm Murphy (KCH) 6 Conor Clarke (CC)

Team 1 KCH

Ladies O/40 1 Adele Walsh (SS) 2 Barbara Rossiter (KCH) 3 Maria Griffin (SJ) 4 Niamh Richardson (KCH) 5 Maria Cormack (KCH) 6 Cathy Millett (KCH) 7 Michelle Ryan (G) 8 Mary Doolin (SJ) 9 Siobhain O’Dwyer (G) 10 Maggie Hellen O’Connor (SJ) 11  Joan Martin (KCH) 12  Hanora O’Connor (SJ) 13 Susan Lannigan (SJ) 14 Siobhan O’Leary (SJ) 15 Siobhan Mullally (SJ) 16 Leona Connolly (G) 17 Tracy Malone (SJ)

Teams 1 KCH 2 St Josephs 3 Gowran

Men O/40 1 Robbie McGee (G) 2 Sean Caulfield (SS) 3 Conor Bolger (KCH) 4 Mick Kelly (G) 5 Paul Moran (KCH) 6 Derek Kehoe (G) 7 Patrick Bookle (SJ) 8 Simon O’Dwyer (G) 9 David Lanigan (SJ) 10 David O’Connor (SJ) 11 Bill Carroll (TT) 12 Shane Daly (KCH) 13 Colm Sheridan (SS) 14 Marty Kelly (G) 15 Stephen Carew (SS) 16 Adrian Allen (SS)

SS=St Senans, G=Gowran, SJ = St Josepahs, CC = Castlecomer, BH= Barrow Harriers, KCH = Kilkenny City Harriers, TT=Thomastown

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