2018 Leinster Juvenile Indoors Day 1

It seems like we were running all weekend! First Athlone and then Galway. Finally I am getting around to posting the results and more importantly the photos from the Juvenile Indoors from Athlone. Most of the photos are my own but there are about 5 or 6 I have taken from various sources. These I have credited to these sources on the photos themselves.

The first thing we can say is it was a very long day. With my St Senan’s and St Josephs AC athletes leaving home at 6am and many not getting back until 8.30pm. The 3 hour drive is a killer. A big thank you to all the parents from all the Kilkenny Clubs for taking the time to bring your kids to the Indoors and supporting them through the day. And isn’t it great that all the kids mix with other kids from other clubs. You are never along as an athletes. Five clubs featured in the medals today St Senans, St Josephs, Gowran, KCH and Castlecomer. And with two more days to come I am sure you will see the medal haul increase and other clubs share the spoils.

Girls u/14 3rd Sophie Monahan (St Senans)
Boys u/14 2nd David Willians (St Senans)
Girls u/15 4th Anna Donnelly (Gowran)
Boys u/15 1st Tadgh Connolly (St Senans) 2nd Tomas Mullally (St Josephs)
Girls u/16 2nd Robyn Deneiffe (Gowran)
Boys u/17 3rd David Holland (Gowran)
Boys u/18 1st Nicky Connolly (Castlecomer)
Masters over 45 1 Maggie Hellen O Connor (St Josephs) 2nd Tracey Malone (St Josephs)
Masters over 55 1st Brid Lawlor (St Josephs)
Master Men over 50 1 John Joe Lawlor (St Josephs)

Running 400m
Girls u/17 3rd Sophie Jackman (St Senans)

Running 60m
Girls u/14 3rd Amelia Foely (KCH)
Boys u/14 4th Brian Moore (KCH)
Girls u/15 4 Katie Taylor
Boys u/15 3rd Danny Glennon (St Josephs)
Girls u/19 2nd Leah Raggett (KCH)
Boys u/19 1st David Murphy (Gowran)

High Jump
Boys u/12 1 Louis Raggett (KCH) 2nd Issac Carew (St Senans)
Boys u/14 3 Darragh Nolan (Gowran)

Long Jump
Boys u/13 3rd Alex Cullen (KCH)
Girls u/15 2 Katie Taylor (St Josephs)
Boys u/15 2 Evan O’Toole (St Josephs)
Girls u/19 1 Matyna Balcer (KCH)

Shot Putt
Girls u/12 2 Rachel Gardener (Gowran) 3 Cara Duggan (KCH)
Girls u/16 3rd Eve O’Dwyer (Gowran)
Boys u/16 2 Eoin Murphy (Gowran) 3 David Byrne (Gowran)

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