2021 County u9+10

July, 2021, Kilkenny

County u9 and 10

60m: Girls u9 1 Hannah O’Brien (KCH) 2 Maye Timmins (G) 3 Kate Kelly (KCH) u10 1 Aoibhinn Kelly (KCH) 2 Aoibhinn Lacey (KCH) 3 Ellen Quinlan (SS)

Boys: 1 Harry Brennan (TT) 2 Cathal Murphy (SJ) 3 Sam Kelly (SJ) u10 1 Jonathan Akhomonen (KCH) 2 Darragh O’Callaghan (KCH) 3 Charlie Canavan (KCH)

300m: Girls: u9 1 Julia Daly (KCH) 2 Kate Kelly (KCH) 3 Ella O’Flaherty (KCH). Boys: 1 Sean Carroll (G) 2 Tommy Carrigan (G) 3 Tommy O’Hanlon (SS)

500m Girls u10: 1 Aoibhinn Kelly (KCH) 2 Ellen Quinlan (SS) 3 Ava Hogan (SS). Boys u10: 1 Darragh O’Callaghan (KCH) 2 Elliot Morrissey (TT) 3 Charlie Canavan (KCH)

Turbo Javelin: Girls: u9 1 Maye Timmins (G) 2 Amy Walsh (SS) 3 Kim Buggy (SS). U10 1 Caoimhe Sweeney (SS) 2 Mia Kennedy (G) 3 Ava Hogan (SS)

Boys u9 1 Sean Carroll (G) 2 Cian McGinley (KCH) 3 Harry Brennan (TT) u10 1 Cathal Haughney (BR) 2 Darragh Browne (KCH) 3 Bobby Coomey (G)

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