Day 4 Leinster Track & Field: U9 – U11 Pairs and U 12 & 13’s competition – Saturday 6th June -Tullamore.

The Leinster juvenile Saturday 6th June saw the U9 – U11 Pairs and U 12 & 13’s competition in Tullamore. There were a large number of athletes in all events and with standards very high in all events getting to the podium was a very good achievement. Kilkenny had athletes competing from Brow Rangers, Castlecomer, Gowran, KCH, St Senans, St Josephs and Thomastown.

Highlights: Leinster U12 &U13 Track & field

Double Gold for Saoirse Allen (St Senans) 60mts & High Jump girls U12. Gold for Fiona Dillon (Thomastown) 600m girls U12.
Gold for Katie Taylor (Thomastown ) Long Jump:
Gold for Mark Wallis (St Senans ) Shot Boys U12
Gold for Mickey Raggett (KCH) High Jump Boys U12

Silver for Aine Ryan (St Josephs) 60m girls U12
Silver for Sarah O’Donnell (Gowran ) 60mts hurdles ,
Silver for Charlie Mullins (Gowran ) High Jump Boys U12
Silver for Jordan Knight (TT) Long Jump Boys U13

Bronze for Daniel Griffin (St Senans ) Shot Putt: Boys U12 Bronze for Jordan Knight (Thomastown) 80mts: Boys U12
Bronze for Boys U13 county 4*100m relay team.

Highlights: Leinster U9 & U11 Track & field

Gold for the Girls U11 county 4*100m relay team
Silver for Olivia Comerford & Caoimhe Power (Thomastown ) Girls U9 Pairs: Turbo javelin Silver for Juliet Evans & Caoimhe Phelan (St Senans ) Girls U10 Pairs: 500mts. Silver for Liam O’Dwyer & Albi Vettichara (Gowran) Boys U9 pairs 60mts. Bronze for Ned Langton & Harry Boyle (KCH) for 600mts.

Kilkenny Club results from Leinster U12 &U13 Track & field and U9 – U11 Pairs competition.

Girls U 12:
60mts Hurdles: 4. Emma Manogue (TT), 12. Orla Walsh (TT). 60mts 1. Saoirse Allen (SS), 2. Aine Ryan (SJ), 7. Fiona Dillon (TT), 20. Anna Connolly (G). 600mts 1. Fiona Dillon (TT), 8. Saoirse Allen (SS), 9. Eleanor Godden (KCH), 17 Aine Ryan (SJ), 22. Emma Manogue (TT), 30Tara McGuire (KCH), 49 Aoife Byrne (SJ). Long Jump: 1. Katie Taylor (TT), 7. Emma Shortall (KCH), 17. Ava Shefflin (TT), 18 Eleanor Godden (KCH), 20. Rachel Leahy (KCH), Orla Walsh (TT). Turbo Javelin 5. Erin Foley (SJ), 14. Aoife Byrne (SJ), 21 Ava Shefflin (TT). Shot Putt: 7. Ava Shefflin (TT), Tara McGuire (KCH). High Jump: 1. Saoirse Allen (SS), 10. Rachel leahy (KCH), 11. Orla walsh (TT), 12. Aine Ryan (SJ), 14. Anna Connolly (G), 16 Tara Mcguire (KCH). Girls U 13:
60mts hurdles: 2. Sarah o’Donnell (G), 12. Robyn Deneiffe (G), 16. Anna Cass (TT). 60mts 8. Sophie Mullally (SJ), 14. Isabelle Ryan (TT). 600mts 5. Aine Kirwan (TT), 7. Eve O’ Dwyer (G), 21. Caoimhe Coady (G). long Jump: 9. Isabelle Ryan (TT), 13. Sophie Mullaly (SJ), 17. Eve O’Dwyer (G), 19. Caoimhe Coady (G), 26. Aine McDonald (SS). Javelin : 7. Kelsey Kehoe (SJ), 11. Anna Cass (TT). Shott Putt: 4. Kelsey Kehoe (SJ), 9. Eadoin Coady (BR). High Jump: 4. Aine McDonald (SJ), 6. Isabelle Ryan (TT), 6. Eve O’Dwyer (G), 13. Robyn Deneiffe (G). Boys U12
60mts Hurdles: 6. Mickey Raggett (KCH), 9. Jack Alymer (KCH). 60mts 7. Evan O’Toole (SJ). 600mts: 8. Jack Alymer (KCH), 16. Tomas Mullally (SJ), 19. Tadgh Connolly (SS), 28. Luke Ramaswamy (SS), 29. Cillian Dunne (G). Long Jump: 6. Evan O’ Toole (SJ), 9.Mickey Raggett (KCH), 14. Jack Alymer (KCH), 19. Charlie Mullins (G), 31. Tomas Mullally (SJ), 35. Mateusz Balcer (KCH), 36. Cillian Dunne (G), 39. Jamie O’Connor (SJ). Shott Putt: 1. Mark Wallis (SS), 3. Daniel griffin (SS), 4. Tadgh Connolly (SS), 8. Thomas Comerford (TT). High Jump: 1. Mickey Raggett (KCH), 2. Charlie Mullins (G), 6. Evan O’Toole (SJ), 9. Mateusz Balcer (SJ), 11. Peter McDonald (SS). Boys U 13:
80mts Hurdles: 4. Jordan knight (TT), 8. Eoin Kennedy (SJ), 11. Stephen Neville (TT). 80mts: 3. Jordan Knight (TT), 6. Eoin Kennedy (SJ), 11. Nicholas Kleijn (SS), 14. Cathal Beirne (SJ), 19. Robert Finn (SS), 20. Mark Finn (SS). High Jump 11. Stephen Neville (TT). Shott Putt: 4. Oisin Kelly (BR). Javelin: 7. Cathal O’Reilly (CC), 9. Oisin Kelly (BR), 13. Liam Doyle (CC), 14. Tommy Coogan (CC). Long Jump: 2. Jordan Knight (TT), 13. Cathal Beirne (SJ), 24. Cathal o’Reilly (CC), 30. Eoin kennedy (SJ).
The girls U11 county relay team won gold and the boys U13 bronze while the boys U11 and girls U13 were both 5th place finishers. Girls U9 Pairs:
Olivia Comerford & Caoimhe Power (TT) 2. Turbo javelin & 11. Long Jump. Lily Doyle & Eabha Mullally (SJ), 5. Turbo Javelin 12. 60mts. Girls U10 Pairs;
Mairead Mullally & Grace Glennon (SJ), 6. 500mts, 10. Long Jump. Grace Ramaswammy & Juliet Evans (SS) 9. 60mts. Juliet Evans & Caoimhe Phelan (SS) 2. 500mts. Girls U11 Pairs:
Long Jump: 4. Ella Dunphy & Orla Kenny (KCH), 6. Diana Ibe & Isabel Roberts (KCH), 7. Liay Saji & Ella Cusack (G), 9. Maria O’keeffe & Tara Fenlon (TT), 23. Bronagh Doolin & Aine Purcell (SJ), 26. Holly O’Toole & Mia Doyle (SJ). Turbo Javelin: 7. Rachel Foley & Kaylan Doyle (SJ), 11. Liaj Saji & Maria Connolly (G), 13.Molly O’Dornan & Kate O’Neill (CC). 60,mts 7. Isabel Roberts & Orla Kenny (KCH0, 11. Molly o’Dornan & Kate O’Neill (CC), 17. Aine Purcell & Mia Doyle (SJ), 22. Bronagh Doolan & Rachel Foley (SJ), Kaylan Doyle & Holly O’Toole (SJ). 500mts: 6. Tara Fenlon & Maria O’Keefe (TT), 15. Ella Cusack & Maria Connolly (G). Boys U9 Pairs:
Long Jump: 7. Oisin Farrell & Billy O’Keeffe (TT), 9. Harry Morrissey & Issac Carew (SS). Turbo Javelin: 4. Rian Shefflin & Billy O’Keeffe (TT). 60mts: 2. Liam O’Dwyer & Albi Vettichara (G), 12. Harry Morrissey & Issac Carew (SS0, 18. Artem Kelly & Bill O’Shea (KCH). 300mts 4. Liam O’Dwyer & Albi Vetlichara (G), Rian Shefflin & Oisin Farrell (TT). Boys U 10 Pairs:
Long Jump: 5. Cian Farrell & Colm Tracey (TT), 10 Sean Young & Edmond Lauhoff (KCH). Turbo Javelin: 8. Cian Scully & Patrick Purcell (G). 60mts 16. Ben Wallis & Shane Morrissey (SS). 300mts: 6. Ben Wallis & Shane Morrissey (SS), 10 Sean Young & Edmond Lauhoff (KCH). 12. : Cian Farrell & Colm Tracey (TT). Boys U11 Pairs:
Long Jump: 15. Harry Boyle & Thomas Green (KCH), 18. David Holden & Alex Cass (TT), 19. Noah Scully & Darragh Carpenter (G), 22. Declan Murphy & Aiden Kehoe (SJ). Turbo Jevelin: 5. . David Holden & Alex Cass (TT),9. Michael Brennan & Joey Ryan (CC), 10. Declan Murphy & Aiden Kehoe (SJ), 15. Harry o’Shea & Calum Regan (SS). 60mts 5. Ned Langton & Thomas Green (KCH), 20. Aiden Kehoe & Aiden Lawlor (SJ). 600mts: 3. Ned Langton & Harry Boyle (KCH), 8. Calum Regan & David Williams, 17. Noah Scully & Cathal Purcell (G).

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