Kilkenny retain Leinster Juvenile Cup

Deep troughs grooved the land, butchering the soil, mud appeared where mud never appeared before, a raw chill hung around, waiting to snap. The athletes glided, slided and chided from mud to trough to the victory podiums. Kilkenny born and bred, thoroughbreds of every condition.

They came from Kilmacow, Castlecomer, Glenmore, Kilkenny and the bowels of the county in Thomastown, everyone of them champions in their own right. First there was Eve Dunphy from St Senans cutting the ribbon as she cross the line in the girls u/11, her first championship race and victory in her hand. Then Sarah Kehoe of Gowran, small in stature but big in heart, grabbed the bag of silver in the girls u/13. Her sister Hannah did the same in the u/15, along with Hannah O’Keeffe who took Bronze. Will Fox of Castlecomer, as clever as a fox, foiled all attempts to rob him of Victory and came away with the gold in the boys u/15. Shay McEvoy (KCH) did the same u/17 with Ella Richardson sitting pretty with Bronze around her neck u/19. Adam Fitzpatrick got the silver u/19. The hurlers may have bowed out this year – but the athletes took a bow with pride – a bow of success. Well done Kilkenny Athletes, you have done your county proud.


Girls u/11: 1 Eve Dunphy (St Senans) 4 Charlotte Carpendale (St Senans) 9 Alexandra Brennan (Gowran) 13 Hazel Coogan (Gowran) 18 Aine O’Callaghan (St Senans) 21 Roisin Burns (KCH) 37 Eabha Mullally (St Josephs) 51 Orla Brenna (Gowran) 60 Hannah Quinn (KCH) 61 Eimear Brennan (Gowran)

County: 1st Kilkenny Club: 3rd St Senans

Boys u/11: 10 Ruairi Murphy (Gowran) 12 Joss O’Connor (St Josephs) 16 Issac Carew (St Senans) 23 Anil Ramasawmy (St Senans) 37 Tom Kehoe (Gowran) 39 Aaron Doyle (Gowran) 40 Patrick Lacey (KCH) 44 Louis Raggett (KCH) 49 Michael O’Shea (St Senans) 53 James Cummins (St Josephs)

County: Kilkenny 4th.

Girls u/13: 2 Sarah Kehoe (Gowran) 11 Maria O’Keeffe (Thomastown) 13 Orlaith Kirwan (Thomastown) 15 Grace Glennon (St Josephs) 20 Molly O’Dornan (Castlecomer) 26 Caoimhe Phelan (St Senans) 31 Molly Long (St Senans) 35 Sophie Williams (St Senans) 41 Meave Bookle (St Jospehs) 45 Rachel O’Neill (Gowran)

County: Kilkenny 2nd Club: St Senans 3rd

Boys u/13 8 Billy Coogan (Gowran) 28 Naoise Gilmartin (St Senans) 31 Brian Moore (KCH) 39 Harry Boyle (KCH) 40 David Williams (St Senans) 45 Darragh Coverdale (Thomastown) 51 Ben Wallis (St Senans) 52 Oisin Marry (KCH) 59 Ruairi McEvoy (KCH) 62 Gearoid Long (St Senans)

County: Kilkenny 4th

Girls u/15 2 Hannah Kehoe (Gowran) 3 Hannah O’Keeffe (Thomastown) 7 Fiona Dillon (Thomastown) 14 Aine Kirwan (Thomastown) 23 Danielle Griffin (St Josephs) 33 Emma Minogue (Thomastown) 38 Saoirse Allen (St Senans) 45 Clodagh Monahan (St Senans) 68 Emma Farrell (Gowran) 73 Rebecca Lennon (Gowran)

County: Kilkenny 1st Club: Thomastown 2nd

Boys u/15 1 Will Fox (Castlecomer) 11 Tadgh Connolly (St Senans) 16 Brogan McAvinney (Gowran) 26 Liam Lacey (St Senans) 29 Cathal O’Rielly (Castlecomer) 36 Josh Fenton (St Senans) 45 Billy Power (Thomastown) 47 Robert Finn (St Senans) 48 Jamie O’Connor (St Josephs) 62 Cillian Dunne (Gowran)

County: Kilkenny 2nd

Girls u/17 4 Annie McEvoy (KCH) 5 Tara Ramasawmy (St Senans) 7 Aoife Allen (St Senans) 20 Ciara O’Keeffe (Thomastown) 21 Ellen Ryan (Thomastown) 28 Sinead O’Keeffe (Thomastown) 32 Orla O’Keeffe (Thomastown) 37 Aine Phelan (St Senans) 44 Nell Murphy (St Senans)

County: Kilkenny 1st Club: St Senans 3rd Thomastown 4th.

Boys u/17: 1 Shay McEvoy (KCH) 5 James Kearney (KCH) 8 Kevin Burns (KCH) 17 Cathal Kearney (KCH) 29 Conor Clarke (Castlecomer) 34 Luke Whelan (KCH) 38 John Muldowney (KCH)

County: Kilkenny 2nd Club: KCH 1st

Girls u/19: 3 Ella Richardson (KCH) 12 Ruth Kennedy (Gowran) 19 Ciara Murphy (KCH) 20 Annie O’Connor (KCH) 27 Caoimhe Connolly (St Senans)

County: Kilkenny 2nd Club KCH 3rd

Boys u/19 2 Adam Fitzpatrick (KCH) 17 Colm Murphy (KCH)

Senior Ladies: 6 Adele Walsh (St Senans) 13 Sile Carroll (Liffey Valley) 19 Michelle McDonald (St Senans)  22 Aine Kinsella (St Senans) 26 Barbara Rossiter (KCH) 36 Rachael Butler (St Senans)

County Kilkenny 3rd Club St Senans 4th

Senior Men: 1 Thomas Hayes (KCH) 3 Niall Sheehan (Gowran) 13 James Kelly (Castlecomer) 17 David McPhearson (Thomastown) 41 Conor Bolger (KCH) 44 Sean Caulfield (St Senans) 45 Paul Moran (KCH) 46 Danny Shanahan (Thomastown) 59 Denis O’Sullivan (Thomastown) 67 Derek Kehoe (Gowran) 81 Eoin Molloy (KCH) 82 John Davis (Thomastown)

County Kilkenny 2nd


Congradulations to Aoibhe Richardson and Peter Lynch who competed in their conference events in America at the weekend.

Next Week

Get your spikes ready for the next stage of the County B’s in Tullaroan.

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