2019 All Ireland Xcountry Juv/Snr

It was by all accounts a great day of competition in Abbotstown. Kilkenny was well represented as a county in the races and well represented in the medal tally too.

With at least 6 athletes now awaiting selection of European and Celtic Games teams it is a great time for athletics in the county.
All coaches, parents and athletes should be proud of themselves. There are three weeks now to go before the final All Ireland: uneven age juveniles and Novice/Masters Championships, which for the county, there will be alot more representation. So everyone keep working hard, stay well and keep hydrated. Don’t let the temptation of Christmas lure you into a sweet diet too early.

Results All Irelands Abbotstown
Girls u12: 33 Lily Ryan (SJ)

Boys u12: 4 Joss O’Connor (SJ) 48 Anil Ramasawmy (SS): Leinster 1st (Joss O Connor)

Girls u14: 10 Caoimhe Phelan (SS) 12 Charlotte Carpendale (SS) 16 Siofra Kennedy (CC) 19 Sara Kehoe (G) 61 Eve Dunphy (SS) 77 Molly Long (SS) 79 Meave Bookle (SJ) 81 Aine O’Callaghan (SS) 84 Ruth Fogarty (G) 93 Hazel Coogan (G) 97 Rachel O’Neill (G) 120 Niamh Cleary (SS) 139 Alex Brennan (G). Leinster 1st (Caoimhe Phelan, Charlotte Carpendale, Siofra Kennedy, Sara Kehoe). Clubs: 3 St Senans, 13 Gowran. County 3rd (Caoimhe Phelan, Charlotte Carpendale, Siofra Kennedy, Sara Kehoe, Eve Dunphy, Molly Long, Meave Bookle)

Boys u16: 4 Tadgh Connolly (SS) 6 David Williams (SS) 23 Billy Coogan (G) 29 Tom Lodge (KCH) 72 Colm Roche (SS) 73 Gearoid Long (SS) 80 Eoin Deeley (KCH) 90 Robbie Cord (KCH) 106 Naoise Gilmartin (SS) 120 Jack O’Neill (SS). Leinster 2nd (Tadgh Connolly, David Williams, Billy Coogan). Club 4th St Senans, County 4th.

Girls u18: 13 Hannah O’Keeffe (TT) 14 Tara Ramsawmy (SS) 17 Sophie Jackman (SS) 19 Aine Kirwan (TT) 44 Ellen Ryan (TT) 77 Ciara O’Keeffe (TT). Club: 3rd Thomastown, County: 2nd Kilkenny (Hannah O’Keeffe, Tara Ramsawmy, Sophie Jackman, Aine Kirwan, Ellen Ryan, Ciara O’Keeffe). Leinster 2nd: (Hannah O’Keeffe, Tara Ramsawmy, Sophie Jackman)

Boys u18: 37 John Muldowney (KCH) 51 Cathal O’Rielly (CC) 62 Cathal Kearney (KCH) 93 Dylan McLaughlin (KCH)

Junior Ladies: 24 Hannah O’Keeffe (TT) 26 Tara Ramsamwy (SS) 28 Sophie Jackman (SS) 31 Aine Kirwan (TT) 41 Aoife Allen (SS) 58 Ellen Ryan (TT) 115 Sinead O’Keeffe (TT) 141 Nell Murphy (SS). County: 3rd Kilkenny (Hannah O’Keeffe, Tara Ramsamwy, Sophie Jackman, Aine Kirwan). Club: 7th Thomastown 9th St Senans

Junior Men: 5 Shay McEvoy (KCH) 56 Kevin Burns (KCH) 60 John Muldowney (KCH) 83 Cathal Kearney (KCH) 88 James Kearney (KCH). Club 6th KCH, County 6th Kilkenny

Ladies u23: 3 Lauren Dearmody (CC)

Men u23: 19 Jonathan Crowley (SS) 22 David Irish (SS)

Senior Ladies: 28 Lauren Dearmody (CC)

Senior Men: 8 Eoin Everard (KCH) 13 Brian Maher (KCH) 59 James Kelly (CC) 79 Niall Sheehan (G) 99 Conor Rochford (SS) 128 David McPhearson (TT) 135 Oliver Mullally (SS) 150 Jonathan Crowley (SS) 164 David Irish (SS). County: 6th Kilkenny, Club 19th St Senans

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