2020 Masters Indoor All Irelands

March, 2020

Masters Indoors

Men:  O/35: Hurdles: 2 Padraig Crawford (G), Long Jump: 3 Tom Corrigan (G), High Jump: 3 Padraig Crawford (G), Relay: 2 Gowran

O/45: Hurdles: 2 John Leamy (G), Long Jump 2 John Barron (KR)

O/50: Walk: 1 JohnJoe Lawlor (SJ)

O/70 Shot 3 Murty Kelly (BR)

Ladies:  O/40: Walk: 1 Tracey Malone (SJ), 60m: 3 Catriona Corr (G), 200m: 2 Catriona Corr (G), 400m: 1 Catriona Corr (G)

O/45: WFD 1 Verena Fenlon (SJ), Shot 2 Verena Fenlon (SJ), Walk: 1 Maggie O’Connor (SJ)

O/55: WFD: 1 Mary Breen (SJ) Shot 3 Mary Breen (SJ)

O/60 Walk: 1 Brid Lawlor (SJ) CBP,

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