2022 (2021) Intermediate and Juvenile B

Neither predicative algorithms or crystal balls could have anticipated the intensity of the competition at the county intermediate and B championships in Graiguenamanagh on Sunday. Coming into the competition, there were four clubs in contention for the top club, after the ladies race it was down to two, St Josephs AC and Thomastown. The ladies race saw Thomastown take the 1st and 3rd team with Hannah Kehoe the individual winner.The local club Barrow Harriers, as usual had a well laid out course. The mild winter weather ensured that the underfoot conditions were excellent. Our cross country runners have been totally spoiled this past winter with the mild winter providing us with a virtual carpet to run on. Perched high on the hills overlooking the Barrow Valley, ensure there were a few steep hills that all athletes remember and some downhills that no athlete seems to recall. Throughout the mens race, the outcome had the officials guessing. At the top of the hill it looked like it was going to be a Thomastown victory, by the time the athletes reached the bottom, it seemed St Josephs might take the cup home. In the end it was Padraig Ruane who took the individual title and KCH the winning team.The overall cup went to St Josephs AC. A hard fought battle all the way.


Intermediate Men: 1 Padraig Ruane (KCH) 2 James Morrissey (CC) 3 Sean Connery (KR) 4 Ray LaHarte (G) 5 Diarmuid Cullen (KCH) 6 Joey Duggan (SJ) 7 Denis O’Sullivan (TT) 8 JP Vereker (SJ) 9 John Coady (G) 10 Peter Barry (SJ) 11 Graham Bourne (KCH) 12 Sean Power (TT) 13 Brian Slattery (SJ) 14 Michael Ryan (SJ) 15 Colin Pollack (G) 16 Paddy Walsh (KCH) 17 John Phelan (KCH) 18 Danny Shanahan (TT) 19 Paddy Aylward (SS) 20 Bill LaHarte (G) 21 Paul Flood (G) 22 John Dempsey (SS) 23 David Lanigan (SJ) 24 Stuart Waugh (TT) 25 Pat Bookle (SJ) 26 George Carpendale (SS) 27 Brian McMahon (KR) Teams: 1 KCH 2 St Josephs 3 Gowran

Intermediate Ladies: 1 Hannah Kehoe (TT) 2 Anne O’Brien (G) 3 Caoilte Malone (TT) 4 Ann Watkins (SJ) 5 Ellen Ryan (TT) 9 Helen Horan (G) 10 Caroline Murphy (SJ) 11 Sinead O’Keeffe (TT) 12 Niamh O’Shea (TT) 13 Ann Brennan (G) 14 Breda Hennessy (SJ) 15 Orla O’Keeffe (TT) 16 Lucy Cody (TT) 17 Susan Lanigan (SJ) 18 Fiona Dillon (TT) 19 Suzanne Barry (SJ) 20 Tracey Malone SJ. Teams: 1 Thomastown 2 St Josephs 3 Thomastown

Girls u15: 1 Shauna Mahoney (TT) 2 Niamh Davis (TT) 3 Caoimhe Barry (SJ) 4 Ava Mullally (SJ) 5 Lucy Forde (TT) 6 Eva Lamphe (TT) 7 Lily Treacy (BH) 8 Nichole King (BH) 9 Aoife Lowe (BH) Boys u15: 1 John Kennedy (CC) 2 Oisin Farrell (TT) 3 Darragh O’Niell (TT) 4 Jack Connolly (BH) 5 Billy O’Keeffe (TT) 6 Same O’Byrne (BH) 7 Charlie Ryan (G)

Girls u13: 1 Amy O’Shea (TT) 2 Holly Ryan (TT) 3 Moya O’Shea (TT) 4 Megan Kinsella (BH) 5 Morrissey (TT) 6 Isabel Walsh (SS) 7 Olivia Mullally (SJ) 8 Rebecca Murphy (SS) 9 Aisling Mullally (SJ) 10 Lauren Walsh (SS) 11 Sara Kate Doyle (SJ) 12 Dearbhla Ryan (SJ) 13 Saoirlaith Mullally (SJ) 14 Mia Barry (SJ) 15 Molly Ryan (SJ) 16 Rachael Browne (BH) 17 Mary Kate Ryan (TT) 18 Lisa Ryan (TT) 19 Eve Duggan (G) 20 Ingrid Tierney (BH) 21 Lucy Cunningham (G) 22 Grace Roberts (G) 23 Chloe Byrne (BH) 24 Jessica Dowling (BH). Teams: 1 Thomastown 2 St Senans 3 St Josephs

Boys u13: 1 Kyle Bolger (SJ) 2 Hugo Tierney (BH) 3 Darragh Carroll (G) 4 Conal Ryan (CC) 5 Luke Kelly (G) 6 Nathan Duggan (G) 7 Padraig Quinn (CC) 8 Michael Ryan (SJ) 9 Charlie O’Byrne (BH) 10 Sean Lowe (BH) 11 Michael Halpin (BH) 12 Cillian Brennan (CC) 13 Fabian Jacquelin (BH) 14 Callum Kay (BH). Teams: 1 Gowran 2 Barrow Harriers 3 Castlecomer

Girls u11: 1 Heidi Ryan (G) 2 Emma Nichol (BH) 3 Mia Kennedy (G) 4 Rosiin Aylwayd (SS) 5 Kate Mulrooney (G) 6 Emma Walsh (SJ) 7 Lauren Larkin (G) 8 Laura Beatty (G) 9 Eimear O’Callaghan (G) 10 Anna Cunningham (KCH) 11 Lucy Brennan (G) 12 Alison Ryan (TT) 13 Tex Doherty (BH) 14 Emily Jacquelin (BH) 15 Shauna Brennan (G) 16 Eliza Kavanagh (G) 17 Ruth Doherty (BH) 18 Shauna O’Niell (BH) 19 Faye Hawton (BH) 20 Eva Fenlon (BH). Teams: 1 Gowran 2 Gowran 3 Barrow Harriers

Boys u11: 1 MJ Carroll (G) 2 Michael Ryan (TT) 3 Ruben Morrissey (TT) 4 Luca Kinsella (SJ) 5 Aidan Corrigan (G) 6 Jason O’Niell (KCH) 7 Bobby Comey (G0 8 Tommy Hickey (CC) 9 David Carroll (G) 10 Rory Browne (BH) 11 Jamie Phelan (G) 12 Oisin Doyle (G) 13 Diarmuid Ryan (CC) 14 Dylan Murphy (SJ) 15 Ned O’Kelly (G) 16 John Joyce (G) 17 Joey Bolger (BH) 18 Charlie Cullen (BH) 19 Senan McJustin (BH) 20 Jacob Pohrebystskyi (BH) 21 Senan Dowling (BH) 22 Conor Houlihan (G) 23 Andrew Foely (BH). Teams: 1 Gowran 2 Gowran 3 Castlecomer

Girls u9 : 1 Kate Kelly (KCH) 2 Mia Timmons (G) 3 Ella O’Flaherty (KCH) 4 Meadbh Crowley (KCH) 5 Ellen Ryan (CC) 6 Orla O’Keeffe (G) 7 Sarah Mulrooney (G) 8 Síofra Croke O’Neill (TT) 9 Elisha Farrell (TT) 10 Aoibhinn Fennelly (TT) 11 Julie Kinsella (SJ) 12 Sadie Treacy (BH) 13 Niamh Corrigan (G) 14 Abby Doherty (BH) 15 Ava Kelly (G) 16 Ciara McEvoy (BH) 17 Emily Doyle (SJ) 18 Moya Doherty (BH) 19 Kate Cunningham (BH) 20 Freya Wilkinson (SJ) 21 Mai Magnin (CC) 22 Olivia O’Shea (TT) 23 Emma Heydan (G) 24 Kate Doherty (BH) 25 Darcy Cullen (BH).

Boys u9: 1 Tom Doherty (SJ) 2 Michael Mullaly (SJ) 3 Tommy Carrigan (G) 4 Sam O’Connor (SJ) 5 Cian Roche (SJ) 6 Daniel Carroll (G) 7 Cathal Murphy (SJ) 8 Eli Hayes (G) 9 Harry O’Byrne (BH) 10 Liam Larkin (BH) 11 Harry Brennan (TT) 12 John O’Keeffe (BH) 13 Micheal Walsh (TT) 14 Cian Larkin (G) 15 Sam Hogan (G) 16 Ted Kelsey (G) 17 Charlie Walsh (BH) 18 Theodore Hennessy (KCH) 19 Ciaran Flynn CC 20 Jay Pollock (G) 21 Locky Holohan (BH) 22 Niall Doyle (G) 23 Locky Halpin (BH) 24 Jack Dunphy (G) 25 Dara Flynn (BH) 26 Rory Cuddihy (BH) 27 Oliver Ryan (SJ) 28 Micheal Doherty Walsh (BH) 29 Oliver Dowling (BH) 30 Jake Kavanagh (BH)

Girls u7: 1 Lucy Murphy (SJ) 2 Lynn Doherty (SJ) 3 Evie Cuddihy (BH) 4 Olivia Kelly (G) 5 Hannah Fennelly (TT) 6 Kate O’Keeffe (BH) 7 Hannah Murphy (SJ) 8 Emma Hayden (G) 9 Sophie Walsh (BH) 10 Mia Dowling (BH) 11 Hannah Doherty-Walsh (BH) 12 Kate McDonald (BH)

Boys u7: 1 Sam Minogue (TT) 2 Finn Morissey (BH) 3 Egan Brennan (G) 4 Luke Brennan (G) 5 Tom Duggan (BH) 6 Brian Carroll (G) 7 Luke Roche (BH) 8 Austin Morissey (TT) 9 Conor Cuddihy (BH) 10 Ben Hayden (BH) 11 Tom Treacy (BH) 12 Alfie Fitzmaurice (BH)

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