2018 County Uneven ages XCountry

Overhead the sun hung high in full autumnal glory. Beneath its intense rays a sea of red swarmed the high hills of Castlecomer. So intense was this sea of red, that tired puffed faces blended perfectly into its path.
Athletes from all over the county came to find their place on county teams. Every child in the vicinity of Gowran descended upon one small field – villages and towns in the vast Gowran empire remained empty, void of anyone under 19. They came for the shield.
From the u7s right though to the u19s, the red singlet of Gowran AC made a strong presence. In the end it paid off, their prolific participation and strong teams saw them take the best overall club in the county by one time leaders St Senans AC. A meagre 1 point separated the teams in the end. One point – this is how intense the competition was today.
St Josephs, St Senans, Castlecomer, Brow Rangers, Barrow Harriers, Thomastown and KCH – all bowed to their presence…. but plans are already underfoot to capture the shield next year.
This is the first time that Gowran have won the shield in 300 years. Not since Liam Kealy was a wee lad himself, nimbly moving through the fields, has such honours been bestowed on the club. An emotional Liam gave an enduring speech that reduced the onlooking spectators to tears. Well done to Gowran AC. Indeed well done to all who competed today – your clubs are grateful for your respect and loyalty.


u7 1 Ellen Quinlan (SS) 2 Muireann Maher (CC) 3 Grainne Maher (CC) 4 Katie Ryan (SJ) 5 Aoibhe Cody (BH) 6 Aoibhinn Garvin (SJ) 7 Isabel McDonald (SJ) 8 Shauna O’Neill (BH) 9 Meave Farrell (G) 10 Pearl Treacy (G)
U9 1 Ellen Daly (KCH) 2 Zoe Beck (TT) 3 Ashling Phelan (CC) 4 Olivia Mullally (SJ) 5 Julia Healy (CC) 6 Mia Brennan (TT) 7 Katie Byrne (BH) 8 Sarah Jane O’Shea (KCH) 9 Ingrid Tierney (BH) 10 Molly Allen (SS) 11 Sinead Cusack (KCH) 12 Lauren Phelan (G) 13 Holly Drennan (G) 14 Ellen Cormack (KCH) 15 Sarah Mullally (SJ) 16 Dearvla Ryan (SJ) 17 Molly Ryan (SJ) 18 Niamh Brennan (G) 19 Cloe Byrne (BH) 20 Anna O’Shea (SS)
u/11 1 Molly Daly (KCH) 2 Orla Brennan (G) 3 Clodagh O’Callaghan (KCH) 4 Elenore Brennan (G) 5 Lily Ryan (SJ) 6 Katie O’Shea (TT) 7 Olivia Stelgher (G) 8 Mia O’Shea (TT) 9 Lucy Cooney (G) 10 Amy O’Shea (TT) 11 Ashling Covendale (TT) 12 Megan Kinsella (BH) 13 Eve Doyle (G) 14 Kate Maher (TT) 15 Aoife Dillon (CC) 16 Martina Bergin (KCH) 17 Katy Phelan (G) 18 Keela Garvey (SJ) 19 Ashling Mullally (SJ) 20 Laura Leahy (KCH). Teams: 1 Gowran 2 KCH 3 Thomastown
u13 1 Sarah Kehoe (G) 2 Rachel O’Neill (G) 3 Caoimhe Phelan (SS) 4 Hazel Coogan (G) 5 Orla Kirwan (TT) 6 Charlotte Carpendale (SS) 7 Ruth Fogarty (G) 8 Meave Bookle (SJ) 9 Grace Glennon (SJ) 10 Laura Chandler (TT) 11 Alex Brennan (G) 12 Molly Long (SS) 13 Juliet Evans (SS) 14 Aoibhe Mullally (SJ) 15 Aine O’Callaghan (SS) 16 Roisin Burns (KCH) 17 Moya O’Keeffe (SS) 18 Caoimhe Fennelly (TT) 19 Hannah Quinn (KCH) 20 Grace Ramasamwy (SS). Teams: 1 Gowran 2 St Senans 3 St Josephs
u15 1 Fiona Dillon (TT) 2 Maria O’Keeffe (TT) 3 Molly O’Dornan (CC) 4 Saoirse Allen (SS) 5 Libby Murphy (SS) 6 Sophie Williams (SS) 7 Niamh Cuddihy (SS) 8 Ciara Mullally (SJ) 9 Maria Connolly (G) 10 Katie O’Neill (CC) 11 Aine Guthrie (SS) 12 Orla O’Shea (TT) 13 Emma Corr (G) 14 Giselinda Greovic (KCH) 15 Sophie Monahan (SS) 16 Iseult Greene (G) 17 Sophie Roche (SS) 18 Peg Keating (G). Teams: 1 St Senans 2 Gowran
u17 1 Aine Kirwan (TT) 2 Hannah O’Keeffe (TT) 3 Tara Ramsawmy (SS) 4 Sophie Jackman (SS) 5 Ellen Ryan (TT) 6 Orla O’Keeffe (TT) 7 Katie Bookle (SJ) 8 Ellen Fitzgerald (KCH) 9 Eve O’Dwyer (G) 10 Rebecca Lennon (G) 11 Robyn Denieffe (G) 12 Lizzie Moreley (G). Team: 1 Thomastown 2 Gowran
u19 1 Aoife Allen (SS)

u7 1 Darragh O’Callaghan (KCH) 2 Richie Mullally (SJ) 3 Joey Bolger (BH) 4 Eddie Bolger (BH) 5 Liam Kinsella (BR) 6 Luke Kinsella (SJ) 7 Darragh Browne (KCH) 8 Liam Lavin (BH) 9 Dylan McGee (G) 10 Thomas Hayden (BH) 11 Alton Hanrahan (KCH) 12 Ted Helga (G) 13 Michael Brennan (CC) 14 Calum Cuddihy (BH)
U9 1 Robert Coogan (G) 2 Darragh Carroll (G) 3 Robert Cullen (KCH) 4 Ryan Farrell (KCH) 5 Tom Henderson (KCH) 6 Zak Fenton (SS) 7 Evan Ryan (G) 8 Tom Lawlor (TT) 9 David Timmins (G) 10 Daniel Bolger (BH)11 James Vereker (SJ) 12 Sam Corr (G) 13 Darragh Ryan (TT) 14 Sean Lavin (BH) 15 Darragh Leamy (G) 16 David Hayden (BH) 17 Darragh O’Flaherty (KCH) 18 Joe Doyle (SS) 19 Sam McDonald (SJ) 20 Sean Doherty (SJ)
U11 1 Joss O’Connor (SJ) 2 Tom Kehoe (G) 3 Robert Lacy (KCH) 4 Anil Ramamsawmy (SS) 5 Conor Carroll (G) 6 David McGee (G) 7 Aiden Keating (G) 8 Hugo Tierney (BH) 9 James Kelsey (G) 10 Luke Vereker (SJ) 11 Charlie Ryan (G) 12 Eoin Moore (KCH) 13 Jamie Cahalan (CC) 14 James carroll (G) 15 Luke Browne (KCH) 16 Sam McAvinney (G) 17 David Phelan (SS) 18 Tadgh Roche (SJ) 19 Odhran Prendergast (G) 20 Adam Joyce (G). Teams 1 Gowran 2 Gowran 3 St Josephs
U13 1 Rory Murphy (G) 2 Ben Wallis (SS) 3 Sam Brennan (G) 4 Rory McEvoy (KCH) 5 Issac Carew (SS) 6 Oisin Murray (KCH) 7 Sam Young (KCH) 8 Eoin Aylward (SS) 9 Patrick Lacey (KCH) 10 Shane Morrissey (SS) 11 Jack Joyce (G) 12 Matt McAvinney (G) 13 James O’Neill (CC) 14 Darragh Dunne (G) 15 Liam O’Dwyer (G) 16 Oscar Broderick (CC) 17 Rory Phelan (G) 18 Luke Gamble (CC) 19 Michael Holland (G) 20 Michael Keating (G). Teams: 1 St Senans 2 KCH 3 Gowran
U15 1 Tadgh Connolly (SS) 2 Billy Coogan (G) 3 Tom Lodge (KCH) 4 David Williams (SS) 5 Gearoid Long (SS) 6 Colm Roche (SS) 7 Killian Dunne (G) 8 Luke Phelan (G) 9 Billy Power (TT) 10 Joe Kearns (KCH) 11 Charlie Brennan (G) 12 Matt Holland (G) 13 James Walsh (SS) 14 Luke Joyce (G) 15 Jamie O’Connor (SJ) 16 Pauric Kavanagh (G) 17 Declan Walsh (KCH) 18 Danny Heddon (KCH). Team: 1 St Senans 2 Gowran 3 KCH
U17 1 John Muldowney (KCH) 2 Cathal O’Rielly (CC) 3 Fergal Suffin (SS) 4 Josh Fenton (SS) 5 Ryan Cummins (SS) 6 Tom Butler (SS) 7 David Byrne (G) 8 Peter Holohan (CC) 9 Adam Ryan (G) 10 Diego Rolegra (G). Team: 1 St Senans
U19 1 Kevin Burns (KCH) 2 Shay McEvoy (KCH) 3 Luke Whelan (KCH) 4 Keith Butler (SS). Team: 1 KCH

Over 45s

Ladies 1 Cathy Millet (KCH) 2 Maria Griffin (SJ) 3 Maria McCormick (KCH) 4 Frances Mullally (SJ) 5 Breda Hennessey (SJ) 6 Siobhan O’Dwyer (G) 7 Maggie Hellen O’Connor (SJ) 8 Emma Tobin (G) 9 Kathleen Brennan (G). Team: 1 St Josephs 2 Gowran
Men 1 Phillip Fennelly (KR) 2 Derek Kehoe (G) 3 John Barron (KR) 4 Patrick Bookle (SJ) 5 Vivon Fennelly (KR) 6 John Davis (TT) 7 John Leamy (G) 8 Bill Carroll (TT) 9 Gary Farrell (G) 10 Kevin Hayden (G) 11 Eamon Kelsey (G) 12 Michael O’Keeffe (TT). Teams: 1 Kings River 2 Gowran 3 Thomastown

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