2019 Leinster Road Novice

Ladies Novice: 1 Bronagh Kearns (SS) Club: 1 St Senans (Bronagh Kearns, Aine Kinsella, Michelle McDonald, Rachel Butler) 3 Gowran (Catriona Corr, Kate O’Brien, Kathryn Kennedy, Helen Horan) County: 1st Kilkenny (Bronagh Kearns (SS), Catriona Muldowney (KCH) Catriona Corr (G) Aine Kinsella (SS))
Masters Ladies: Over 50. 1 Maria Griffin (SJ). Club: 1 St Josephs (Maria Griffin, Frances Mullally, Helen Walsh) County: 1st (Maria Griffin (SJ), Cathy Millet (KCH), Frances Mullally (SJ) ). Over 45. 1 Mary Steed (KR)
Mens Novice: 1 James Ledingham (KCH) Club: 2 KCH (James Ledingham, Mossey Rowentree, Padraig Ruane, Eamonn O’Connor). County: Kilkenny 1st: (James Ledingham (KCH), Mossey Rowentree (KCH) , Dean Rowe (G), Jonathan Crowley (SS), Conor Rochford (SS), Padraig Ruane(KCH) )
Mens Masters: Over 50: Kilkenny 3rd (John Davies (TT), Pat Lennon (G), Mick Walsh (G) ).

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